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Although 000webhosting web hosting is FREE, I must say that I can not recommend them to others for creating websites. Sorry. Why? As mentioned before,they have way too many complaints and negative comments online by its users regarding fraud, 13 million passwords being hacked and security breaches which for me outweigh the good. As mentioned above, some have had accounts canceled without notice. This is quite common with free hosting services. This is the case because the domain, although free is NOT self hosted rather belongs to 000webhost. Also, with

free hosting you don’t have complete control over the platform, nor the content that is posted. If a free host doesn’t like your content, they can delete your site. If you use too much bandwidth and receive too much web traffic, they can delete your site without notice. This kind of thing happens a lot online with people that use free hosting. All of your hard work deleted and lost.

Operated by Hostinger, 000WebHost boasts millions of users globally. With 000WebHost’s free hosting, you’ll get a cPanel, site builder, and a WordPress auto-installer. Other features include 300 MB storage space and 3 GB You can host two active websites at a time on 000WebHost’s free hosting account. Each site will have dedicated resources, FTP details, and can use any tool in the cPanel. You’ll also get one FTP account, one MySQL database, and CloudFlare protection. Unlike most free web hosting services,

000WebHost has no ads. The significant downsides of this free web hosting provider are that it lacks an SSL certificate, email accounts, and subdomains. There’s also no support via tickets. If you encounter any issues, you can find help through the user forums. If your website or blog outgrows the resources that come with free web hosting, you can upgrade to 000WebHost’s premium web hosting. Premium hosting packages come with free website transfer without downtime, 24/7 live support, at least

10 GB disk space, and at least 100 GB bandwidth. * Established company * Affordable premium plans * No SSL certificate for free hosting * No subdomains or email accounts

But what if you want free WordPress hosting with a custom domain? I was pleasantly surprised by 000webhost.com’s free WordPress hosting offer. It seems to be legitimate WordPress hosting at no cost. The catch? You’ll be prompted to upgrade. A lot. So, if you’re keen to find free WordPress hosting with no ads, this isn’t a Like WordPress.com, part of how your paying for this free hosting is that they’ll offer you up-sells (lots more than WordPress.com, in my limited experience). They also make your URL a little advertisement for them. My free test site is online at https://app-1540245129.000webhostapp.com/. It’s got plugins running there, though, which makes it at least a little bit of an upgrade from WordPress.com. There are, as you should expect, a few other significant limitations: * Only 1GB of disk space (no movies, few MP3s or images) * Only 10GB of transfer each month

(don’t get popular!) * No live support * No backups (be sure you make your own) They have a low-cost tier that rids you of these limitations. But I’ve never heard about this host in any context but “free,” so I question how reliable, supportive, etc they are.


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