Bluehost s shared hosting has 4 plans

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans Breakdown

With the basic plan, you can host only one website (Of your Choice). Here, it can host one domain and up to 25 subdomains without any issue. Further, you will be given 50GB Storage and 5 email accounts with 100mb storage to every At first, you will have to do the payment of $2.95 per month after which, it becomes $7.99 per month. In the plus plan, you can get some amount of royalty, Here; you can host unlimited websites and will get unlimited email accounts. In addition, there will be no bondage on bandwidth and the infinite storage space will be a plus For pricing, this plan

starts at $5.45 per month. After the renewal, it goes up to $10.99 per month which is still affordable. The Prime plan includes every other feature of the plus Bluehost plan. Here, you will get some list of added features such as the domain privacy and site backup Pro. For pricing, it is $5.45 per month which rises up to $14.99 per month after renewal.

It depends on you. While all the shared hosting plans have unmetered bandwidth. But you will be asked to upgrade your account if you continually exceed a certain amount of data usage. If your website received hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, then shared hosting unable to handle it. In this case, I think you should go with a VPS or Dedicated server plan that will scale as you grow.

There are four shared hosting packs of Bluehost. Let’s learn more about them. Bluehost’s Shared Hosting plans This is a pack for users who have only one website. You will have 50 GB storage and can host only one website with this pack. You will get free SSL and 100 MB storage for email accounts. The price of this one will be just 2.95$/month. This pack is suitable for hosting multiple websites simultaneously. The cost of this pack will be 5.95$/month. You will have unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space with it. Bluehost is officially recommending this pack to the users. Because it will cost you the same (5.95$/month) as the previous pack but you will

receive more features compared to that. For instance, you will get Domain privacy, site backup tools, and spam protection with this pack. Added to that, you can host multiple websites at once. With this pack, you will have all the additional features which come with the ‘Choice Plus’ plan and more. For example, you will be given free dedicated IP, SSL certificate, Domain Privacy, and Spam protections etc. Go Pro shared plan Also, Bluehost will provide a high-performance server to host your websites if you are a user of this pack. You have to spend 13.95$/month for this pack. To be noted, Bluehost offers one domain name for free for the 1st year with all

of their web hosting packages. From Our Point of View: This is very easy to judge. You can see for yourself that the prices of the shared hosting plans of Bluehost are very cheap. If we compare it to the price of GoDaddy’s plans then we can say that Bluehost is the winner. However, GoDaddy is offering both Windows and Linux based plans. So, if you need windows based plans then GoDaddy is the best options for you. Other than that, we will go with Bluehost.


Bluehost Email And Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost S Shared Hosting Has 4 Plans

1. Basic Plan – this plan comes with price of Rs. 199/- (Regular price is Rs.600/-), you can create 1 website with this In this plan, it includes 50GB SSD storage space, unmetered bandwidth, a domain name, and free SSL certificate. 2. Plus Plan – This plan is only for Rs. 299/- as introductory price (regular price is Rs.850/-), one can create an unlimited number of websites with this plan. You’ll also get unlimited SSD storage space, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL certificate.

3. Choice Plus – Also with an introductory price of Rs.299/- (regular price is Rs.1000/-), you get unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage space, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL certificate with this plan. 4. Pro Plan – Pro plan is the most expensive plan now has an introductory price of Rs.859/- (regular price is Rs.1650). In this Pro plan, you can create unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL. more features, power, and speed are packed in this plan as

you upgrade your plan. What’s unusual with BlueHost’s introductory prices is that they’re offering the same rate for the Plus and Choice Plus plans. While the higher- priced plan (in regular rates) has the same introductory rate as the cheaper plan, note that it comes with higher renewal rates. Comes to uptime guarantee, BlueHost is committed to 99.99% uptime. they’re truly one of the most reliable Companies when it comes to uptime. Coming to the speed, you will never get problem with

speed when you choose to go for BlueHost as your hosting provider. It also includes premium CDN feature as free CDN (CloudFlare) and you simply need to activate this on your control panel to use it. CDN is the best feature to safeguard to your website. e-mail (ticketing system) or live chat (24/7). * Best security features We can’t help but compare Bluehost to SiteGround, as they’re almost at the same price range. You can expect better features with SiteGround but you’ll

pay a slightly lower price with Bluehost, so I guess it boils down to priorities and preferences. marketers, but if you’re prioritizing speed, you might want to consider where your audience location is first before committing. Website: Price: 59/- (INR) DomainRacer best cheap reseller hosting offers to acquire a higher income with its up-to-date technology and exceptional services for customer to start their web hosting business. You can easily construct your website with Domainracer hosting plans on a robust and vigorous

hardware-level surface. The price of DomainRacer web hosting plans are very low and affordable when compared to other web hosting in India. It is best suitable for all startups, professional blogs, developers or designers and heavy traffic or multiple average traffic websites. .DomainRacer web hosting provider is one of the best web hosting providers in


Shared Hosting Plans Namecheap Vs Bluehost

Breakdown Of Bluehost S Shared Hosting Plans

For starter websites, Bluehost offers a suitable shared hosting package. If you are just beginning your website, then you can choose any of these plans. As your website grows, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan. Their shared plan is available in 3 different levels. Let’s take a look at what’s included in each plan. * Basic: This plan only allows you to host 1 website. It hosts 1 domain and 25 subdomains, 50GB storage. For the 1st term, you’ll pay $3.95 per month. You will have to pay $7.99 per month when you renew the account. * Choice Plus: This plan contains all features of the Plus plan. In this plan, you will also get domain privacy and site backup Pro as extras worth over $80/year. Choice Plus 1st

term price starts from $6.95 per month. When renewing, you’ll have to pay $14.99 per month. * Pro: This plan contains many features of the Choice Plus plan. In this plan, you will get High Performance rather than standard performance & 2 Spam Experts. It also gives you a dedicated IP. The price for the 1st term starts from $13.95 per month. Also Read: Cheap Web Hosting Hostinger Review India #### Breakdown of Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Plans Bluehost offers a shared hosting package suitable for starter websites. Their shared plan is available in three different levels. Let’s take a look at what’s included in each plan. * Basic: The basic plan only allows you to host one website. It hosts one domain and 25 subdomains, 50GB storage, 5 email

accounts of 100 MB storage for each account. For the first term you’ll pay $3.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $7.99 per month. * Plus: The Plus plan includes unlimited websites with unlimited web space and bandwidth. You’ll also get unlimited email accounts. The price for the first term starts from $5.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $10.99 per month. * Prime: The Prime plan includes all features of plus plan. You will also get domain privacy and SiteBackup Pro as extras worth over $80/year. Prime also has the same first term price of Plus, $5.45 per month. When renewing, you’ll have to pay $13.95 per month. If you are just starting your website, then you can

select any of these plans. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

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