The top 10 video hosting sites for your business

The Top 10 Video Hosting Sites For Your Business

Now you understand the benefit of using video hosting platforms for your business. It is time to break down which providers meet your expectations. These video hosting platforms are popular for marketers to run their campaigns, thus, you can decide from the list below. YouTube is the world’s second-largest site on the internet with 6 billion hours of video being viewed every month. No video sharing platform can outnumber YouTube hence making it popular for video hosting providers. If you are a content creator, YouTube is a great choice to start. It already has a wider audience and its recommended feature can bring you views without your video being on the first result. A business may find this feature disadvantageous since the next video can steal your audiences’ attention, especially when the Call-to-Action is put on

the end of a video. The presence of ads also brings another fall point since your competitors can put their ads in between your video marketing campaign.

With over 500hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute, 5 billion videos watched every day and at least 1.3 billion registered users, we all can bet it the most popular and preferred video hosting platform. YouTube is owned by Google and is the world's second-ranked social platform with 27.80 Billion Not many people like the many ads but to the entrepreneurs, it's one of the best video hosting sites for business.

They promote their businesses and products and also earn from YouTube. This channel analyses videos and shows the number of viewers, social sharing and related videos. Verify your account and upload videos of any format of up to 128GB. To watch videos free of ads, subscribe for the premium account. As a free unlimited video hosting site, file size and bandwidth are unlimited but videos cannot exceed 15 minutes

We will now dig in to each of these business hosting services. To make my reviews relevant and helpful, I will put in extra focus on features that are important to business, such as hosting performance, business-friendly features, after-sales support, and value for money.


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